14:00 - 14:45
14:00 - 14:45
Privilege Walk


A person's privileges are often obvious, but often enough also subtle and hidden.
We are making them visible: Take a walk with us and see how your privileges are separating you from your fellow walkers.



Did you ever think of how privileged (or not) you are and how this affects your successes or failures in life? Are there certain privileges which you feel have a particularly big impact? Together we want to reflect on these questions and start an open discussion about it.

What exactly is a privilege walk?

You will start standing side-by-side in a line with the other participants. You will hear a number of statements related to your background, possibilities and opportunities, to which you can agree or disagree.

Every consent takes you one step forward, disagreement leaves you where you are. The line will spread out and the diversity of the group will become visible in a very direct and powerful way. Standing according to our privileges we have time to discuss the groups spreading and develop a new understanding for our own privileges.

This session is held by the Lise Meitner Society. The Lise Meitner Society  is a non-profit organization that aims to improve gender equality in the natural sciences and mathematics. As such it wants to raise awareness for still persisting prejudices and inequalities. The privilege walk takes one step in this direction.

The workshop is for up to 20 participants.