Stage 9
15:00 - 16:00
Tech for Good
Digital Africa


See the premiere of “Digital Africa“ - a documentary film portraying different digital innovations across Africa. During a four week journey through Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana we met and interviewed founders and innovators working on local solutions to development problems.


This session will be the premiere of the documentary film " Digital Africa"

The Arte documentary will be aired in June. Since the journey started at re:publica, the film will be premiered for the re:publica audience. The documentary portrays different digital inventions and innovations, interviews founders and makers and raises questions such as: are social enterprises replacing NGOs and development corporation? When are social startups taking the place of public service providers? And want motivates and drives innovators and founders across Africa?

Geraldine de Bastion will be joined by Mark Kamau, one of the films protagonists on stage for a short interview after the viewing.

Mark and some of the other protagonists from the film will be available for questions and demonstrating some of the technology presented in the film like SUPER BRCK and DEXT Science Kit at the Makerspace.