Carolyn Braun
Format Developer

Carolyn Braun is a journalist and format developer. After graduating from Humboldt and Freie Universitaet Berlin with an M.A. in Political Sciences, Economics and Communications Sciences, Carolyn trained to be a journalist at the Georg von Holtzbrinck School of Journalism. Since 2006, she considers herself an entrepreneurial journalist, co-founding the research-start-up Follow the Money, followed by the transmedia development company Chapter One ( Together with her colleagues, she managed to realize a couple of award-winning transmedia reporting projects: For instance, they tracked so different things such as German e-waste smuggled to West Africa ( – 2014), a long-gone painting lost by a Jewish family who fled Germany in 1938 ( – 2015), members of the peace movement in former Yugoslavia before and during the wars on the Balkan ( – 2016) and three dairy cows in North Rhine-Westphalia in September 2017 (