Cecilia Palmer

Cecilia is a designer and developer working between fashion, tech and sustainability. She designs, codes, organises and facilitates to solve common problems with and within sustainability, fashion, crafts, open source and reuse. circular.fashion is a sustainable change agency creating product and system innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles. The circular.fashion system is a digital platform for circular design and closed loop recycling. With a sleek and smart tracking solution the platform enables a transparent flow of information between material suppliers, brands, customers and recyclers to collaboratively realize a circular economy for fashion and textiles. The platform can be purchased and used as a software as a service and features the following tools: Circular Material Database, Design Guidelines, Product Check, Circularity.ID, Customer Interface and Sorting Software. In addition, circular.fashion offers consultancy, training and workshops that encourage and enable fashion brands to incorporate circularity into the core of their business.