Despite the rapid pace of digital and technological progress the world is still facing major challenges at the beginning of the 21th century. Poverty, hunger, inadequate access to education or health as well as conflict and corruption continue to be the everyday reality for much of the world's population. Digital technologies can help to counter these challenges with innovative solutions. Together with partners from Africa, Asia and Latin America, we have the chance to shape the global digital future.

For the Topic we are looking for sessions that illustrate how the right use of, for example, smart phone apps, big data, blockchain, innovative software solutions or drones can contribute to greater efficiency, transparency and participation. The goal is to bring together inspiring and innovative inputs that highlight the potential of digital technologies to solve global problems. The sessions provide examples of solutions and success stories and also offer a platform to discuss the challenges and risks associated with the digital transformation.
Questions we are interested in are for example: Will data save the world? Do 85% of jobs in Ethiopia really disappear due to  automation? Can digital technologies help more than 7 billion people to gain access to education?
For this Topic, we particularly seek to give a voice to speakers from the Global South. New innovation centers have long since emerged in Africa, South America and Asia from which we in Europe can also learn quite a bit.
The #rp18 topic 'Tech for Good' is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).