Emmanuel Mimshach Obioha
Executive Director
Mimshach King

Mimshach Obioha is a 2013 Future Africa Leaders award recipient, a 2016 Mandela Washington fellow, and the Executive Director of Ventures Platform Foundation. Ventures Platform Foundation (VPF) is an  enterprise development organization with a mission to support innovators and entrepreneurs in order to unlock the potential of underserved sectors, people, and places in Africa. 

Mimshach has a strong passion for building great things. A love he took from his early years in Architecture to his work at Ventures Platform Foundation where he is  building the future of Africa.  

After working in the founding team of Ventures Platform in  2016, he was quickly noted as a leader and visionary and in 2019 was named the Executive Director of Ventures Platform Foundation. At Ventures Platform Foundation, Mimshach has designed, developed, and executed programs with partners ranging from the World Bank to the European Union to create innovative solutions in ecosystem development and unemployment in underserved communities. Under his leadership, Ventures Platform Foundation is now the gold standard for entrepreneurial support and innovation in Africa. 

As a strong believer in the power of youth as a medium of change, Mimshach spends his free time mentoring high school children on career development and leadership and uses soccer to teach children at IDP camps essential life skills.

He can also be found creating one-of-a-kind art pieces in his office.