Markus Matiaschek
Markus Matiaschek, Child Growth Monitor, Welthungerhilfe

Markus Matiaschek is product owner of the Welthungerhilfe innovation Child Growth Monitor app. Based in Würzburg, Germany, married and father of a two-year-old boy, he plans and coordinates the development of the mobile app, backend and machine learning pipeline, using lean and agile principles.

Using computers and programming from 10 years of age he soon became member of Chaos Computer Club e.V., attending meetups and hacker conferences in Europe. The passion for ethical and privacy issues, public data and code as well as new technologies drives him to learn something new every day and to build useful products to solve hard problems.

In his professional career of almost 20 years he was consulting European and German government organisations and ministries on IT. He served as managing director for a company in Austria and founded a company himself in Costa Rica.

A casual conversation with Jochen Moninger, Innovation Manager of Welthungerhilfe about the use of blockchain and technology in general in aid projects lead to the invitation the Welthungerhilfe Innovation Factory and subsequent development of the idea and concept for the Child Growth Monitor app.