Sponsor Policies of re:publica

We are very happy about the successful collaboration with our various partners and sponsors to date.

It has always been our goal to organize these partnerships as ideally as possible, as our partners and sponsors play an integral part in the recognition of re:publica. At the same time, we also strive to meet our own demands and those of our guests. 

We are aware of re:publica's growth and our increased responsibility to grow with it. 

Transparency and clarity in dealings with our sponsors and partners is extremely important to us, as otherwise it would harm re:publica and, therefore its community.

We have reliable members in our team. We make sure that our staff are never simultaneously working for both the re:publica and its partners.

Not everyone can become a partner or sponsor for re:publica. We reserve the right to refuse partners or withdraw from partnerships.

Partner and sponsor content in the program are marked visibly (print and online). This form of distinction is also used for our other channels and in all advertising materials.

Every partner and sponsor must consult with our program team. This way we can ensure that each partner and sponsor is aware and accepts our requirements. At the same time, we also reserve the right to reject partner topics for the official program.

Decisions concerning the program are not made by individuals, but by a team in order to prevent the influence of individuals to the greatest extent possible.