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Here you can find all the information you need, such as press releases (see below) or selected press photos. Want to know more about the re:publica experience? Have a look at our re:cap above!

See our FAQ for the most important questions:

How can I apply for a press accreditation?
UPDATE: The accreditation window is closed now. Further press accreditations can now only be issued in urgent cases and with a newsroom assignment. In those cases please contact presse at re-publica.com – We check all enquiries carefully and will contact you shortly with further information.

The accreditation for the re: publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin is open. You can now register here in our accreditation form. Immediately afterwards you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Attention: This e-mail is not yet a confirmation of your accreditation. 
We check all enquiries carefully and will contact you shortly with further information.

What is the accreditation time frame?
Journalists can register for the re:publica 2018 in Berlin until April 27th 2018 at 23:55. It is not possible to register for the conference once it has begun, but only for selected, special occasions. Kindly mind that you will be accredited as press for #rp18 only when you have received our confirmation email.

What are the conditions for an accreditation?
There are no conditions for an accreditation. Much appreciated would be quality reporting. Send us an email with your proof of publication after the festival. A large number of re:publica’s participants are active bloggers or working in media. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all 1,500 applicants will receive an accreditation.

What does an accreditation provide me?
A press accreditation provides free access to all conventions, talks and workshops during the festival as well as free entrance to selected side events, for which ample notice will be given.

How can I get an interview?
If you would like to conduct an interview with the organizers, the curators or speakers before the event, kindly contact presse at re-publica.de. We will arrange it as soon as we can. During the event, interviews can be arranged on the spot with the assistance of the press office. 

Are there reduced tickets for journalism students?
Journalism and Media School students and trainees can apply for a reduced ticket on the ticket website. You will have to present evidence of your media student status upon entry.

Where can I find logos, press images, audio and video footage and more?
Videos and audio podcasts of all talks and presentations, high-resolution press images and much more is available for download. See our list here. All photos are under a Creative Commons license and can be used freely as long as the photographer is attributed. If you are looking for more general info, see our About site as well as a neat infographic.

What does the Creative Commons license mean for press photos?
A photo published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA License may certainly be used for current reporting about the conference. But the name of the photographer and the according license must both be mentioned, for example like this: "Photo: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)". In addition, you have to link to the specified license. This is important!

Looking for something in particular?
Looking for all available info on one of our topics? Find more in-depth info on each of our events on its own website. For example, find more on #rp18#rp17#rpTHE#rpDUB#rpEUROPE and earlier festivals in our archive.

Press & Publicity

Please contact Rebecca Krum at: presse(at)re-publica.de oder rebecca(at)re-publica.de. 

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