Business & Innovation

Photo credits: Thomas Ecke

Beyond the buzzwords of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things or Big Data: these terms are standard in the discussion of how new technologies will change our daily life, particularly in the context of work. But simply name dropping doesn't really help us to understand what and exactly how technology is changing our world of work.

The types of careers and career development are influenced by the possibilities given to us by technologies, in striving for a work-life balance and the wish for co-working and alternative places of work. From video conference tools to websites and software, technology is enabling new forms of collaboration which makes cooperative project work with participants located all across the world easier and more realistic. How will technology steer and transform future means of cooperation? What is the future of professional collaboration?

This Track is all about the future of work, digital economy, new business models, and the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in our societies. We want to know: How is innovation changing the way we travel and trade? What could future means of cooperation be? Is digitization really helping economies leapfrog? We want to talk about platform economy and startup scenes - especially their impact on social sectors and the delivery of public services - but also about the effects of automation, the Internet of Things, entrepreneurial culture and its effects on society.

We are interested in hearing reports, analyses, research findings or other data driven reflections on these topics.