Stage 9
10:00 - 11:00
Immersive Arts
Project Presentations: VR:RV & Performersion

Short thesis

We open our “Immersive Arts”-Topic with a group of Lightning Talks. This panel brings together participants of the VR:RV project to present their recent research. They are joined by artists of the Berlin-based Performersion-Festival. All of them present their projects in 5 minutes each.




The VR:RV project pairs leading thinkers and journalists with professional VR creators, artists and producers from Canada and Germany with the aim of fostering self-reflective works in virtual reality that explore the creative frontiers of the medium. VR:RV intends to provoke conversations, and ultimately VR-works, that challenge, expose, critique and problematise the digital society by using immersive technologies to address the deep web, artificial intelligence, algorithms, neural tracking, digital security, and the future of the internet.

VR:RV is a project by the Goethe-Institut, realized with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and in collaboration with MUTEK_IMG, re:publica, the National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Film Centre, ARTE Germany, Eye Steel Film, Mozilla Foundation, Doc Circuit Montréal, SODEC and Retune.

Performersion: State of the Tech Implementing independent Performing Arts

In Berlins independent Performing Arts Scene, digital technologies such as VR, AR and MR were used in increasingly daring formats last year, helped by the innumerable experts in the Indiegame Scene, the backyard fab-labs, the corporate-critical tech-theorists, the film students and so many more. Immersion is thought and planned here from the story and themes. The technologies with their new production paths and fluid frontiers are medium in the service of content.

In short presentations, lead thinkers of the VR:RV project to discuss how their research translated into virtual worlds during the VR:RV workshops. Defining artists from Performersion present their current work with VR, AR and MR applications and teaser planned projects.