Lindsey Drury
Erasmus Mundus Fellow
Atelierhaus Droste with Matthew D. Gantt

In her doctoral research in early modern history and her work as a contemporary artist, Drury investigates how the act of dancing is summoned to larger discourses on embodiment. Drury further works on how the very media that carries such discourse is not only representative of—but also laden with—the problems of body, sensory experience, and practice. At present, Drury is a PhD student and Erasmus Mundus Fellow at Freie Universität. 

With the NYC composer Matthew D. Gantt, Drury experiments with the sensorial, cognitive, and somatic dissonance produced by the differences between material space and its duplicate representation in virtual reality. Gantt and Drury's most recent VR work in this vein is titled Atelierhaus Droste. The work is a palimpsest environment of the virtual and the material: Gantt and Drury created a virtual room to correspond with a studio in the Atelierhaus of the old Australische Botschaft of East Berlin. They particularly sought to imperfectly replicate the actual studio in the Australische Botshaft in VR. Tables and chairs visible in VR consequently became indices for actual tables and chairs for a performer who learned through engaging with the piece to treat sight not as a sense that could give information of actual spatial contours, but as a representation whose very inexactitudes could be learned and thereby read as information for the performer's navigation.

Drury worked in New York City for 8 years before moving to Berlin in 2016.