12:15 - 12:45
Building an Infrastructure for Transnational Discourse

Short thesis

After having had an inspiring session at the re:publica Thessaloniki last year with insights from Greece, Italy, Croatia and Belgium - we go on with listening, debating and questioning the challenges and chances of digital societies in Europe.


Populism, fake news and hate speech create a toxic atmosphere, people lack faith and vision, democratic structures get vulnerable. In which digital society do we want to live? What keeps us together? The “Colloquium European Societies in digital Age” adresses these topics and builds a transnational discourse on how we all can learn from each other and create wealthy, resilient digital societies.

Let’s shape our digital societies together, let’s shape and share our future! re:publica, Europe's colourful conference on digital societies, is the right venue for that. Please come and join us!