Sabria David

Sabria David is co-founder of the Slow Media Institute. The Slow Media Institut ( is an interdisciplinary research and consulting centre for digital change and its impact on society, working environment and the world of media. Based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, it focusses on concepts and models to constructively deal with disruptive changes and offers new perspectives for a resilient digital society. She has been on panels and talks like at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Frankfurt Bookfair and other international conferences. She is with Benedikt Köhler and Jörg Blumtritt author of the "Declaration of Liquid Culture" and the “Slow Media Manifesto“ which had a global impact. It has been translated in several languages and is referred to, debated, taught and discussed in over 30 countries. She recently launched IDA, the Interaktionsmodell Digitaler Arbeitsschutz, a concept of workplace health that focusses on digital work. She studied linguistics, german literature and history of art and started to work both in research and advertising agencies. She now she works on the effects of digital technologies and collaborative thinking on society, work, politics, communication and media. In 2014 she has been elected to the board of Wikimedia Germany and relecteted in 2016 as Deputy Chair of the board. - - - - - - - - - - - - Sabria David ist Mitgründerin des Slow Media Instituts, das zu den Auswirkungen und Potentialen des digitalen Wandels auf Gesellschaft, Arbeit und Medien forscht und berät. Mit dem Soziologen Benedikt Köhler und dem Marktforscher Jörg Blumtritt verfasste sie 2010 das Slow Media Manifest, das in zahlreiche Sprachen übersetzt wurde, sowie 2012 die Declaration of Liquid Culture. Für den Bereich des betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement entwickelte sie das Interaktionsmodell Digitaler Arbeitsschutz aus medienwissenschaftlicher Perspektive ( Sie studierte Germanistik und Linguistik, forschte im Marbacher Literaturarchiv zu Textgenese. Seit November 2014 ist sie Mitglied des Präsidiums von Wikimedia Deutschland. Schwerpunkte: Digitaler Wandel, Mündlichkeit/Schriftlichkeit, Genese offener Werke, Kollaboration, Technikphilosophie, Arbeit der Zukunft, Digitaler Arbeitsschutz, mediale Nachhaltigkeit. - - - - - - - - - - - -