Stage 5
13:30 - 14:00
Smart Cities
Dude, Where’s My Autonomous Vehicle?

Short thesis

Exploring the ethical, social and cultural dilemmas of autonomous vehicles


In 2016 researchers at the MIT media lab released a digital game version of the trolley philosophical problem. Adapting it to current time, they explored worldwide preferences on who should die and who should be spared in a car crash involving an autonomous vehicle. More than 2 million people participated from all over the world, and the results are fascinating, but they are but the starting point for a wider conversation. How should we expect an autonomous car manufactured in the US, purchased in Germany and driven to Scotland - or China - to act? The conversation about the ethical, social and cultural implications of autonomous vehicles includes the emotional implications of owning and driving a car, the urban lifestyle and the ambiance of different cities, illegal U-turns, and most importantly, gratuitous honking.