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10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
Do the Robot! Dancing, Gymnastics and debating the future of care work with Pepper

Short thesis

Demographic change is presenting the German care system with an ever-increasing challenge. Digital innovations such as robots could be part of the solution. However, for the successful introduction and sustainable acceptance of concepts and solutions for tomorrow's care, the potential of new technologies must be systematically linked to the needs of the practice and ethical issues.

We bring "Pepper" to the GIG Makerspace at re: publica in order for the public to meet and test a robot that supports caretakers, but also to discuss concerns and questions, and to jointly develop application scenarios. Every re:publica day after lunch, we offer a hands-on dance and gymnastics session with Pepper, followed by an open discussion.




He can play pantomime, give high fives, dance and joke - and Pepper is a robot. He is 1,20 meters tall and moves on wheels. He is designed to look unthreatening with big "eyes" and has a friendly voice, so that people are not afraid of him. Pepper is originally from Japan, where robots are already frequently used in retail, caretaking and also in family homes. The scientists of the Chair of Business Informatics and New Media at the University of Siegen and students from the Master's Program Human Computer Interaction (HCI) are co-designing use cases for Pepper in Germany, particularly in supporting caretakers in nursing homes, together with the elderly users as well as caretaking professionals. The robot is not meant to substitute humans, but to support them. He is thus already used to entertain the elderly, play games and music and pass the time when the caretakers are busy with other tasks. He also dances and does gymnastics and Tai Chi with the elderly to keep them agile and prevent falls.

Pepper will be at the GIG Makerspace during re:publica and is happy to meet humans and other robots! We invite you to dance with him, test him, but also to discuss concerns and questions, and to jointly develop application scenarios.