At re:publica, sparkling eyes do not only belong in front of the stages, unnexpected surprises can be found everywhere.

The re:publica Track unites supporting program, evening program and all the colorful ongoings, that can be discovered and shaped by you. Be prepared to get kidnapped by aliens, your decision on who to vote for is understood by an artificial intelligence and a machine that mixes cherry and banana juice tells you about your fortune. Also exciting: you will find video and sound installations about physicality and identity all over the station. 

If you want to escape from the digital stream at some point, there is the possibility to play ukulele or to think about your relationship to your smartphone at Maya Magnas Performance. All of these activities take place as installations, performances, live-video-broadcasting and inside virtual reality. 

A small hint at the end: there will be a lot of Disco Dance, so it is time to get your training shoes from the basement. Move your body to the POP!