Chelsea Manning auf der #rp18

Chelsea Manning

Photo credit: Tim Travers Hawkins/CC BY-SA 4.0

Chelsea Manning in conversation with Geraldine de Bastion (re:publica) and Theresa Züger (MediaConvention)
Chelsea E. Manning is a network security expert and activist. An op-ed columnist for the Guardian and the New York Times, she is active and outspoken on Twitter where she advocates for transparency, queer and transgender rights, and everything in between. One thing is certain: Manning is a deeply political person.
Driven by her social conscience, she alerted the world to injustices perpetrated behind closed doors, becoming a whistleblower and altering the course of history by leaking thousands of government documents.
With Re:source 005 “Agency of Misconduct”, re:publica and transmediale 2013 commenced just shortly before the fateful trial that would convict Manning to prison in June of that year.
President Obama—who, ironically, had been persecuting leakers to an unprecedented extent—suspended her sentence after seven years in prison, releasing her into a tumultuous America led by his not-so-presidential successor, Trump.
One year after her release, we are inviting Manning to a fireside chat—organized in cooperation with MCB—to discuss her new life as a free person, Hannah Arendt, civil disobedience, radical politics, the consequences of uncontrolled government power—maybe even the global long-term effects of 1968. We’ll be talking hippies, Silicon Valley, the social, technological, and political impact of artificial intelligence, practical applications of machine learning, and the responsibility of technology developers and politics as a whole.
Geraldine de Bastion, Theresa Züger, and Manning will get right down to it. We are delighted to have Chelsea Manning with us!

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