Stage 9
16:15 - 17:15
Immersive Arts
VR:RV|Stories We Tell

Short thesis

“Story and narrative are the code for humanity's operating system." (Kamal Sinclair, Making a New Reality)
Which codes are embedded in the way we tell stories, and how can VR explode and expand these scripts?


This panel examines perspective in VR and which codes are embedded in the way these stories are told. A constellation of all star artists and VR creators from diverse backgrounds address the question of who creates content and who and how we intake content in the era of empathy VR. Together, they argue that, by breaking open the codes of how we understand story, we can expand the potential of VR to bear witness, to establish a common language, and to reinterpret our present-day operating systems.

VR:RV is a project by the Goethe-Institut, realized with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and in collaboration with MUTEK_IMG, re:publica, the National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Film Centre, ARTE Germany, Eye Steel Film, Mozilla Foundation, Doc Circuit Montréal, SODEC and Retune.