Meet Up 2
12:30 - 13:30
Internet Research Meetup: Show Off Your Data!

Short thesis

Are you an Internet scholar or researcher? Do you have a question about the Internet you wish someone would look into? If you’re thinking, YES! -- this session is for you. This meetup, initiated by the Internet Health Report team of Mozilla, provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives on exciting research related to Internet health, freedom, advocacy and activism. Participants will introduce their own research interests in a group exercise. We will then break into groups to discuss global research gaps, questions and ideas for future collaborations. *Inflatable dinosaurs will make a cameo appearance in this session.*


How do we measure the health of the Internet?

Join others at re:publica who are working on Internet research challenges to discuss the importance –and the struggle – of measuring our online world, and help to identify gaps or questions in global research and most importantly, ideas on how to address them.

This meetup is for all researchers of the internet (cross-sector) and individuals with an interest in measuring or understanding the health of the internet. Our aim is to unearth common research interests, gaps and ideas among participants, and to identify possibilities for collaboration.

Attendees will be asked to share their research interests with the whole group, after which we will break into groups to have deeper discussions on specific areas of data-driven practices and research themes.