Makerspace outdoor
12:15 - 13:15
Tech for Good
Data Clinic: Twitter data selfies & data portraits

Short thesis

Once freed of the tyranny of the Twitter timeline, how we would look to ourselves? How a custom made data visualization could raise awareness on our echo chambers and the ones in our public institutions and in our elected officials? In this data clinic, the participants will be able to export/scrap and visualize in original ways, their own public Twitter data (or the one of public institutions and elected officials) to answer such questions and they also will raise and share new ones and tentative answers.


In this 2 hours data clinic, small groups of participants (3 to 5 max) will be attended continuously in short sessions (20 minutes max), so each person can export/scrap and visualize in an original way the public data they produce in Twitter, to look for echo chambers and dialogues and will be sharing their data selfies, if they want, with the wide re:publica community, telling what stories this new visualization tell about themselves. Data selfies volunteers can also install the simple self-contained software in their own laptops and help to visualize data portraits of the public Twitter discourse in elected officials and in public institutions. Printed and/or online material will be shared on how to recreate this experience, so your friends, family and fellow data activists can take and share their own Twitter data selfies and data portraits, to visualize part of their online presence and help to oversight public political discourse.

This action is a hands on continuation of our last year quick presentation on how to use the Grafoscopio pocket infrastructure for data activism and digital citizenship, with the wider re:publica community, and a practical exploration of South/North bridges, to experiment how a tech for good, developed from/for the Global South, unfolds and dialogues in the context of re:publica.

If you can, bring your own laptop! While is not a requirement to create the data selfies/data portraits, it will be an empowering experience to be able to run our Pocket Infrastructure in your own hardware and this is needed for voluntaries that want to go beyond the primary action.