We are extending our CfP runtime >> New Deadline 14 January 2018

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The technician has been notified! (aka: "Why can’t I create a session proposal? The button is missing!")

Dear re:publica community, future stars of the stage and "old veterans", a few of you may have already noticed (especially the faithful CfP submitters among you): We’ve unfortunately had a bug creep into our system that is made it unnecessarily hard for some of you to submit your session proposals. Several of you who have been registered in the re:publica backend over the course of the previous years have not been able to edit your speaker profiles via the rp18 site – but, more importantly, you haven’t been able to add new content. The reason: due to detours in the backend, your profiles were not automatically linked with the infrastructure of the new website.

We’ve managed to find a solution and you can keep adding sessions.

Please write us if you’re still having problems creating session proposals. Just shoot a short mail to programme[at]re-publica[dot]de with the subject line 'Adding Session'. The programme team will correct the error and you’ll be good to go. Before we let the bug spoil your fun in submitting and our programme inbox starts blinking redder than Rudolph’s nose, we’ve decided to add an extra week to the Call’s runtime. That way we can ensure that everyone has the same chances and anyone who gave up out of frustration with the 'system' still has the opportunity to participate.

TLDR: Solution coming, button coming, technician has been notified!

New CfP deadline: 14 January 2018, 11:59 pm (CET)

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