GIG @ re:publica 2018 - We are what we create together


Photo credit: re:publica / Gregor Fischer CC BY 2.0

Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) is a vibrant, diverse community of innovation hubs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and other grassroot innovation initiatives as well as individual innovators, makers, technologists and change-makers. The GIG network has been growing  steadily since its founding at re:publica 2013 and now comprises over 100 organizations and individuals in over 37 countries. GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing. We aim to enable more diversity in the production of technology and global innovation processes and support open and sustainable solutions developed by grass-root innovators.
The GIG network brings new perspectives from across the world to Europe’s leading conference on the Internet and society, re:publica. Every year since 2013 the Global Innovation Gathering hosts a track at re:publica conference and since 2015 a pop-up Makerspace. The aim of hosting this track at re:publica is to showcase innovations from all over the world and diversify the conference. In addition, the aim of the GIG track at re:publica is to give visibility to the work of innovators from around the globe and enable them to present their work, network and initiate collaborations on an international level. The GIG track encompasses stage sessions on topics such as access and inclusion, sustainable innovation, innovation cultures in different regions, open technologies and the maker movement.


The GIG Makerspace is a meeting place for international managers, hackers and entrepreneurs at re:publica. The GIG presents innovation projects, especially from Asia, Africa and Latin America ranging from a workshop teaching participants to make their own bioplastic to emergency response strategies. GIG does not give long lectures on all topics, but instead encourages visitors to become active themselves. Now for the fifth time, the GIG Makerspace is the place at re:publica where people can come to tinker, experiment, create, learn and share knowledge.


Since 2014 the GIG Makerspace is bringing the global maker community to Berlin, hosting the best of 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, wiring, moulding and building. 2018 is surely no exception. From solar power to feminist light patches to science kits for kids: we are putting together an awesome demo, exhibition and workshop programme, hosted by Fab Lab Berlin and GIG in collaboration with amazing partners like CADUS, The Constitute and Careables. From solar energy to feminist light patches to science kits for kids. Come over, it is worth it!

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