CfP: Create a 'Female Digital Footprint'!

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental elements of our value set. We already achieved a lot, but there is still a lot to do. To all female techmakers, to all tech pioneers, to all the coders out there: It’s time for women in tech to change the status quo and enlarge the female digital footprint. On which projects are you currently working? At which interfaces do you shift boundaries? Surprise us with your submissions, share your courage and convictions and help inspire others. Take part in the Call for Participation 'Female Digital Footprint'!

Female Empowerment

The male, mostly less social, genius is a well-known archetype throughout the history of computers – it is a well known cliché, that continues to be persistent. In fact, computing in it’s early days seems to have been a male domain. If women are ever present in the collective memory, they have to take on secondary roles in digital historiography. Shouldn’t we therefore be speaking about female re-empowerment instead? And how can fixed role models be taken or expanded?

Divers & Digital: The 'Female Digital Footprint'

The “Gender and Coding” topic is still in its infancy. In the digital economy, both binary code and executive positions are mostly in male hands. Is the prestige of men in the tech industry threatening to make digital innovations too one-sided? Do women think technological progress, digital entrepreneurship, app development etc. different? We want to strengthen the position of women and are therefore calling on female techmakers in the digital and tech industries to give their ideas and initiatives a stage at re:publica 2018.

We believe: “Digital” is not just Hard- and Software, it’s also a mind-set and a competence – but what exactly is needed to fulfil those conditions when we’re talking about an attitude and values? What is needed for an individual to be successful in the digital world and allow them to help shape the digital shift?

The #rp18 topic “Female Digital Footprint” is supported by the Otto Group.