Linsey Raymaekers

Linsey Raymaekers studied Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. During this time she started making video games through game jams and One Game A Month, and spent a year exploring the independent game development scene across Europe.
After years of writing poetry and playing music as emotional outlets and forms of self-expression, she now pursues game development in a similar way. She divides her time between her own game-related projects and collaborations, speaking at events, and working part-time as a Unity developer at Honig Studios, a digital production studio based in Berlin.

Exhibition Programme

  • Stand: newthinking

    Women Who Code x newthinking: Making video games as self-expression

    Most of us are familiar with the idea of self-expression through the creation of artifacts in more traditional media: poems, paintings, songs, and so on, are obvious things we may produce as forms self-expression. We also seek them out to connect with others and to validate our own experiences. The creation of video games as such artifacts is starting to be practiced and recognized by an ever-growing number of people. This talk focuses on examples of such video games and draws comparisons with other media, especially poetry, as well as on their development process from a creator's perspective.

    Linsey Raymaekers