Feranak Amidi

Feranak Amidi is a London based journalist, she is  the women’s affairs journalist for the Near East Region of the BBC World Service, focusing on women’s issues in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Feranak comes from a TV background but now focuses mainly on digital platforms; producing material for the language services of the BBC World Service with women in mind and to increase female audience engagement on social media platforms of the BBC language services.

Feranak uses social media as her main news gathering tool to reach out to women in Iran, Afghanistan and other countries in the region. Her focus right now is to encourage women of the region to tell their stories through blogs and video blogs; in a region where women are mostly silenced Feranak believes that social media can give them a platform to be heard and to share common experiences creating a female narrative of life which is not much present on social media of countries in this region.