Alex Zosel
Alex Zosel, Co-Founder Volocopter

In 1981, aged just 15, he construed and built one of the first skateboard halfpipes in Germany together with a few friends. Whilst studying for his degree in civil engineering he developed his first patent and in his capacity as “Serial Entrepreneur” and self made man he is now an entrepreneur through and through. With his enthusiasm and his firm belief in his vision regarding mobility of the future in the third dimension he brings much innovative buzz to the whole team.

Volocopter GmbH is the global leader in the development of vertically launching, fully electrical multicopters as autonomous air taxis for the safe transport of people. The company’s wants to make every human’s dream of flying come true and to help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues. As true pioneers they fly regularly since 2011 piloted and autonomously, eg. in Dubai and Las Vegas.