Karim Chabrak

Karim is working as senior expert for network strategy and innovation in Deutsche Telekom, where he is also driving different projects and initiatives related blockchain but also related to future organization and business transformation. He founded recently COINSENCE.ORG, which is a non-profit open source collaboration platform where individuals, communities and organizations can create their own token. These individual token can be used to increase engagement, activate resources to solve problems, compensate individual value contributions, share assets and exchange goods and services. The coins can be collectively invested in projects which address the needs of communities. Coinsence is implementing different features supporting de-central organizations to define own governance frameworks and implement participatory decision processes. To empower the creation of commons and to facilitate the transition towards a more social, sustainable and open economy, Coinsence is experimenting with new solutions enabling e.g. democratic redistribution of value within communities or dynamic sharing of ownership between investor, producer and consumer.