“The working worlds of the future” is the topic for the Science Year 2018. And “We can Work it out”: at rp18, we want to adopt a perspective that is located beyond the job market, pure engineering and business administration, and which approaches this future world of work to penetrate it, both scientifically and philosophically. What challenges will have to be faced in terms of (office) architecture, personal life goals, ethics and law?

How do we want to further educate and work in a digitalised world? Is there a life after the maxim of economic growth? What techno-social questions are raised that can be connected to other re:publica discourses, for example, the topic of privacy? The focus on-stage, in “sweatshops”, artworks and performances should not just be on automation and labour shortage, but also on what role research and science (can) play in the shaping of this shift.

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Science Year 2018 – “Working Worlds of the Future”

The Science Year 2018 focuses on the “Working World of the Future”. Digitalization, alternative ways of working, artificial intelligence research and similar fields present new challenges and opportunities to scientific and civil societies. How will people work in future? And how do you prepare for these scenarios? What role can science and research play in designing the terms of labor? The Science Year 2018 highlights the impact technological and social innovations have on the economy of tomorrow, and discusses the new standards of socio-political dialogue and work experience that we face today. “Learn, experience, create” is the motto of the Science Year 2018, and all interested participants are called upon to join in, ask questions and find solutions. The Science Year is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF, organized in collaboration with Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD). As a central instrument of federal science communication, the Science Year conveys current research to the public and fosters the dialogue between science and society.