Since 2011, the K5 is known to be the event for realising the vision of future retail and bringing together the companies and decision-makers of the digital retail sector. The focus is not only on the exchange of experiences with each other, but also on the networking of all participants. With the ambition to offer everyone the highest level of quality and value, the K5 signifies the components: networking, inspiration and innovation.

The K5 organizes the FUTURE RETAIL CONFERENCE, which takes place again in Berlin this year. The guiding theme / motif is going to be David vs. Goliath - In particular, the focus will be on the market presence of start-ups and small retailers, and how they can position themselves among the big companies and generate their success / goals.During the conference, lectures and workshops will be held by well-known experts in the e-commerce industry. The K5 creates almost familiar relationship between all participants. Whereas sharing and networking are top priorities the K5 Connect provides a platform for communicating with each other in a variety of ways - for instance by/through Speed Networking, Frühshoppen, K5 Connect Party, 1on1-Meeting, K5 App or Roundtables.

Furthermore there is the K5 LIGA. The K5 LIGA forms the interface between retailers and service providers from all areas of the e-commerce industry. It creates links and cooperations of retailers with appropriate suppliers of services and agencies. In addition the K5 LIGA offers selected access to experts in the digital world, as well as supporting strategic growth leaps.

Another component of the K5 platform is the e-commerce podcast - ChefTreff with Sven Rittau & exchanges with Jochen Krisch. Current and relevant topics are discussed and recorded with various experts from the digital world.