rp18_bbw Hochschule

About 1,200 students are currently studying at bbw University of Applied Sciences, making it the largest private, state-recognised university in Berlin and Brandenburg. The university’s unique business-oriented profile helps to ensure its academic high quality for the growing needs of the region and beyond. The bbw University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor’s and Master’s courses of study.

The German capital is world-renowned for its broad spectrum of job and business opportunities that require creative expertise. That’s why the bbw Master’s Programme “Management of Creative Industries” was created – to prepare you for roles in all branches of the Creative Industries, ranging from Project Manager, Innovation Manager, Social Media or Community Manager, Consultant or even as the Founder of your own innovative start-up.

The bbw Master’s Programme takes a holistic approach to address the disruptive impact the “Digital Shift” is having on society, the economy and the media. The programme focuses on innovation-de- velopment techniques such as Design Thinking to help foster your skills associated with Product Development, Intellectual Property Management, Branding, Advanced Information and Communica- tion Technologies.

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Video link to the programme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY3P8UzmkAg