MHP a Porsche Company

Shaping the future of mobility

MHP has set itself the target of shaping the future of the mobility - within Germany and world-wide. In doing so, we consider all of the relevant dimensions: the social, economic, and technological dimensions. And we exchange our opinion with all groups that have a stake in mobility: with companies, with research institutes, with federal, land, and municipal authorities - and of course, with the users of mobility. This is our firm belief: only this fully integrated approach will enable us to create a mobility that meets the best interests of all stakeholders.

This is how mobility will change!

Tesla, Mobike, Uber – ten years ago, these businesses were still more or less unknown in Germany. Today, they serve as perfect examples for how much mobility is changing. Tesla has shown that e-mobility is possible and can be extremely sophisticated. Mobike and other Chinese service providers press with their bikes into cities all over the world in order to offer mobility and to collect data. And Uber managed to upset taxi companies across Germany. All it took was a simple app and bold communication. We could easily add a multitude of similar examples: from car sharing to rental bikes.

While all of the new mobility scenarios are different from each other, they are similar in three aspects. First of all: nothing will happen without digital technologies. These technologies are the bedrock for most of the new products and services. Secondly, many of the service offers are based on platforms in which many different stakeholders are involved and which are of critical importance, because they are the interfaces with the clients and serve as data collectors. And thirdly, these scenarios are a manifestation of a social transformation: urbanization, sustainable consumption, and ecological awareness are just some of the trends.

So, whoever wants to shape mobility needs to keep all of this in mind. This is the only way to come up with a concept that can bring together the interests of the various stakeholders and the various means of transport. MHP will support all those that work on the mobility of the future, will assist them in their transformation process, and will provide valuable impulses. We have the benefit of more than 20 years’ experience in the mobility sector and in applying digital technologies.

“Snap”, the current concept car of Rinspeed will let you gather first-hand experience. Best of all: vehicle bodies for various purposes can be mounted on a chassis with an electrical drive and autonomous vehicle control. MHP and SAP have jointly developed a digital ecosystem for Snap, in which stakeholders from various lines of industry re-think vehicle and mobility concepts and can transform them into innovative and sustainable business models. At re:publica, visitors may see this car of the future up close on our stand.

From our perspective, re:publica is the ideal place for exchanging information and views - both with mobility users and with potential mobility service providers. We will give a talk on platform economics and a workshop on blockchain technology, hoping to generate a new impetus, and we hope to see a lively discussion. Likewise, we look forward to lively debates at our stand. To us, some of the most interesting questions are:

  • How would you like to spend your time while riding from A to B in a self-driving car? Which offers can you imagine?
  • Have you ever considered not only digitalizing your physical business model, but complementing it with a separate digital business model?
  • Is it really a problem to share your motion data with a mobility service provider if Facebook know everything anyway?

See you at re:publica!