HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management is a private, state-approved university with institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities. HMKW is active at three locations across Germany: in Berlin, Cologne and in Frankfurt (Main). The name speaks for itself: All topics discussed are with regards to their media, communicative and economic dimension.

The contents of teaching are always based on current trends and developments. For example, topics such as design thinking, fake news or big data are taken up in seminars and workshops. This summer, HMKW will host an international summer school on constructive journalism.

The HMKW sees itself in its mission statement as non-elitist, democratic, anti-discriminatory, intercultural, tolerant and diversity-promoting. Worth mentioning is the focus on practice in teaching: The HMKW combines a solid academic education with working in a variety of practical projects. Therefore, the university cooperates with numerous institutions and industry partners that supplement the academic curriculum with real questions and project tasks.

The newsroom of re:publica 18 will be run by a student team of HMKW Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ranty Islam from the Department of Journalism and Communication. As "Shifted News", the students of the international master's program Convergent Journalism will report live on site on behalf of re:publica. They will be supported by HMKW’s lecturers Jost Listemann, Sarah Meister and Daniel Lehmann, as well as students from the Department of Design.

As part of the HMKW MediaLab, a combination of training editorial department and multimedia newsroom, the group was able to prepare for their tasks. The students are delighted with the unique opportunity to use their skills acquired during their studies in a live context at an event of this dimension.

Prof. Dr. Ranty Islam was a speaker at re:publica 17 last year, where he gave the joint presentation „The Apocalypse has been called off: How Constructive Journalism can save the World“ with Maren Urner.