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Shared, on-demand and autonomously from A to B: so who needs a car of their own? Discuss the questions of future mobility with leading experts and trendsetters from the rail business on board the #train2republica on the ICE and come up with the answers together.

Take the #train2republica to Berlin and talk to experts while you travel
The #train2republica will depart from Munich central station at 9.55 am on May 1, 2018 and arrive in Berlin at 2:23 pm. You can also board the train in Nuremberg (11:03 am) or Erfurt (12:24 pm) to arrive punctually at the pre:publica (4 pm to 9 pm at the “STATION” at Gleisdreieck).
You can register at until March 29, 2018. Please note that only limited seats are available. Passengers are obliged to have a valid train ticket. Reduced-rate tickets for the event are available at

Ride-sharing, on-demand transport and autonomous driving
are the latest mobility issues that we will be up for discussion in a unique atmosphere on the #train2republica from Munich to Berlin on May 1. Passengers on board the ICE will include undisputed experts such as Professor Wolfgang Gruel (HDM Stuttgart), who will speak on the subject of “The price of travel: how much should a kilometer of autonomous driving cost?”. Young entrepreneurs Philipp Renz and Marina Knauer from CCUnirent present their hypothesis “Algorithms instead of bus stops. Ride-sharing is the premium opportunity for new mobility.” Michael Barillère-Scholz, Managing Director of ioki, explains how on-demand services and autonomous driving can be integrated into public transport. Also on the train: Bruno Ginnuth, CEO of CleverShuttle.

Digitization is revolutionizing the mobility market – in terms of customer requirements, means of transport, drive systems and platforms. However, the question still remains: How can we get from A to B safely, reliably and with minimum impact on the environment? Finding new answers to that question is a central concern of Deutsche Bahn – reflected, for instance, in our new line of business “ioki” and our stake in the start-up CleverShuttle. For the first time, the republica organizers and DB want to kick off a session with you and a unique panel of experts on board the train to trigger the next major step in the development of public transport and inspire courageous debates on that subject.

DB already operates Germany’s first autonomous bus service in Bad Birnbach in Bavaria, making autonomous driving a part of public road transport. In Frankfurt am Main and other cities we are currently testing on-demand services which will make local public transportation more attractive as a whole.

New forms of mobility, however, are just one aspect of digitization at DB. Rail still is and will remain the backbone of public transport. Passenger figures have been rising steadily for years. The number of passengers on the new high-speed line between Munich and Berlin already doubled in the very first month after inauguration in December 2017. We are banking on digital technology to make rail travel even more reliable and attractive. Preventive maintenance of escalators and elevators at the stations and of switches and locomotives offers enormous potential. With the help of digital signaling technology and new data transmission systems in our infrastructure, we plan to increase the capacity of the rail network by up to 20 percent and enable thousands of additional trains to run every day. Our staff will soon receive virtual reality training so that we do not have to take any trains off the rails for training purposes and can instead offer our customers the full range of services. Interesting information about all these issues will also be available on board the train2republica.

All those who will not be able to travel with us on May 1 can make a date of May 2 in their diary instead, when we will share the outcome of the sessions on the train2republica with all visitors to the republica and continue the discussion. Along with the speakers from the ICE session, Prof. Sabina Jeschke will also be present at the meetup. Sabina is a physicist, mathematician and computer scientist and joined Deutsche Bahn in November 2017 as the Member of the Management Board for Digitalization and Technology. Prior to joining DB, she was active in research for many years. Her last position was as a professor at RWTH Aachen University. The focus of her research included artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technology. The meetup will be held on May 2 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm in the room "re:ception."

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