ARD Audiothek

Helga, Rita and the ARD Audiothek

It’s not the hair salon you normally go to. This is all about your ears! Our hairstylists Helga and Rita present you the audio-highlights of the ARD Audiothek using the drying-hood of  of their hairdressing salon.

The smartphone-app ARD Audiothek presents you high class radio content from all ARD radio programs and Deutschlandradio – no matter if you want to listen to radio drama, documentation or comedy.

Have your own ARD radio world playlist

The Audiothek gives you the chance to create your own playlist, to mark your favorite shows, to subscribe or download shows and listen to them later – even if you are offline. The ARD Audiothek wants you to discover great and colorful content – just by listening. Every day the our editors pick and show you the latest contributions and highlights.

Hearing the best content available

The feature about armed militia in the US, a documentation about artificial intelligence, a thrilling crime drama: This app presents the variety and quality of the audio content of the entire ARD and Deutschlandradio. The ARD audio library app is optimized for smartphones (Android / iOS).   furthermore you can connect the app via Bluetooth to external speakers.

The ARD Audiothek is a co-production of the public radio stations in Germany: based at the Südwestrundfunk and the department of software development and platforms (SEP) at the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

The app is available for free in the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store.

To get more information visit the following website: