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11:00 - 12:00
11:00 - 12:00
11:00 - 12:00
Tech for Good

Short thesis

The Queen of Typewriters clarifies why everybody needs a mechanical typewriter, explains how you find the right one, gives tips for cleaning and mainenance and presents "Lady 1337", a vintage mechanical typewriter that also serves as a USB keyboard.


In a brief introduction, the Queen of Typewriters will clarify why everybody needs a mechanical typewriter. In the second part of her session, she will talk about what's important if you consider getting yourself a typewriter, and how to clean and maintain them. Eventually, she will present her "Lady 1337", a 1953 Optima Elite typewriter which serves as a USB keyboard. She'll explain the modding kit (created by Jack Zylkin, @usbtypewriter), which makes it possible to use a vintage mechanical typewriter with computers, laptops or mobiles. 

Whenever you find me at my table, ask me anything about mechanical typewriters. Bring some time :)) And bring your own mechanical typewriter for a quick clean-up. Various machines with different keyboard layouts will be there ... type a message on the guest roll, type postcards or pamphlets, or start a type in with other typospheristas.

Message me on Twitter, @k_propaganda, or Threema, 782MZYH2, for appointments.
Additional sessions for groups on request.