Stage 3
11:15 - 11:45
Tech for Good
Startups and Founder Culture in India and Germany - The Journalists Perspective

Short thesis

What are the leading trends in startup economies in India and Germany? What are the differences in founder mentalities and motivation? In this fireside chat the CEO of Yourstory Shradha Sharma will be discussing these questions with Niklas Wirminghaus from Capital magazine and Sara Weber, Senior News Editor at LinkedIn


Yourstory is one of the leading digital magazines in India. The platform portrays startups and founders and gives insights into the shapers of India’s technology scene.  CEO and chief editor of YourStory Shradha Sharma will be sharing insights of the past ten years on India's entrepreneurship scene. Together with Niklas Wirminghaus, who previously worked for Gründerszene and now for Capital magazine, Shradha will be comparing and discussing the differences in both the startup ecosystem, founders mentalities but also the media landscape in both countries. The panel is being moderated by Sara Weber, Senior News Editor at LinkedIn, who has insights in both the media and the startup side of things.