Lab1886 Truck
10:00 - 11:00
Shaping the future city – how connected car services make your life easier.

Short thesis

A smart already is the ideal car for living in the city. Discover how a smart becomes your urban assistant that helps you rock everyday life.


The future of mobility and the automobile itself are currently highly debated subjects. How will we be mobile in the near future? Which features or services does the car of tomorrow need? One thing is abundantly clear: Cars will no longer be just a means of transport taking us from one place to another, but instead will be transformed into digital service providers that ease life in the city.

smart has already brought this futuristic vision to the road, and with its "ready to" services is offering a growing bundle of services and innovative features – from in-car delivery to private car-sharing – to solve the various problems of urban citizens.

Let’s have a look behind the scenes and see how the development team is working: they are not designing these services alone, but rather are shaping them together with smart customers. Instead of strictly isolated developer bubbles, the smart lab counts on co-creation with the “ready to” community and its international smart labs around the world. Learn more about the smart lab and its innovative services with Inés Beinder, product manager at smart.