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11:00 - 12:00
Live Translation
Opening Keynote: How an Algorithmic World Can Be Undermined

Short thesis

Algorithmic technologies that rely on data don’t necessarily support a social world that many of us want to live in. We must grapple with the biases embedded in and manipulation of these systems, particularly when so many parts of society are dependent on sociotechnical systems.


Data-driven and algorithmic systems increasingly underpin many decision-making systems, shaping where law enforcement agents are stationed and what news you are shown through social media.

The design of these systems is inscribed with organizational and cultural values. Often, these systems also depend on the behavior of everyday people, who may not act as expected.

Meanwhile, adversarial actors may seek to manipulate the data upon which these systems are built for personal, political, and economic reasons.

All of these factors can result in biased, if not harmful technology. As technology is integrated into every part of society, recognizing and grappling with the potential vulnerabilities that emerge is essential. In this talk, danah will interrogate some of the challenges that result from sociotechnical systems, going deep into how technology can be a tool to undermine many aspects of society that we hold dear.