Makerspace indoor
17:15 - 18:15
Fe:male Digital Footprint
Make your feminist light patch!

Short thesis

Girls in tech, raise your hands and join us in this workshop!

Let's exchange our experiences and opinions about our role in the digital world, asking ourselves: What is your status in this field now? Where do you want to take it in the near future? And from this exchange, we will fabricate light patches that glow in the dark to wear our own manifest, expressing your visions and encouraging more girls and women to join us in this important fight for diversity and inclusion in the tech world.


Our struggle for more inclusion and diversity in the digital world must be daily and constant. Much has already been achieved, but much remains to be done in order to be equal in terms of gender in the tech world. In this daily challenge, how can we harness the potential of technology as our ally?

In this workshop we explore the potentials of wearable technology by creating light patches that can be attached to our clothes, backpacks, jackets, hats and can follow you wherever you go as a symbol to encourage more girls and women out there to join us and the importance of strengthening our female digital footprint.

After a brief exchange on our role in the digital world, we will delve into the making process, creating patches with phrases, drawings, symbols that represent our visions and desires that will be applied at the base of the patch. Then we will learn how to use conductive thread and electronic components to make a light circuit that can work with sensors or a simple button. It will be applied behind the drawing, creating a luminous patch that can be attached to any part of your clothing or accessory.