Stage J
10:00 - 11:00
Make the GDPR POP! - Reclaiming data rights through citizen education

Short thesis

This workshop looks at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through a focus on citizenship. The GDPR has been talked to pieces by decision makers, businesses and lawyers, but where have the citizens been? Through the workshop we will work on strategies for encouraging citizen participation during the enactment of the GDPR.


The intention of this workshop is to develop strategies together with workshop participants to make the GDPR a subject for discussion among citizens and develop the aspects of citizens’ data rights further.

Central question in the workshop will be: How can citizen participation be encouraged for reclaiming personal data rights towards businesses as well as for defending them against governmental overreach? The aim is to come out of the workshop with new perspectives and energy to facilitate discussions with citizens on their data rights, their position in the data market and their role as data citizens.

The debate surrounding the GDPR has mainly been on consumer protection rather than citizens' rights. Furthermore, a strong focus has been the use of personal data by private actors. However the GDPR allows for governments to expand data use through national legislation.

As citizens, we must be enabled to make truly informed decisions about our personal data in a society, which is increasingly built on the use of such data. That requires thoroughly informing and educating citizens not only on their rights, but also on their role in the European data market.

Furthermore, in order to support citizens in reclaiming their right to their personal data, we must continue the debate about data rights at a local level in order to uphold the rights given by the GDPR and to stop member states from undermining them. This calls for a lively and informed public debate, which we like to inspire with this workshop.

The hosts of the workshop will contribute with two different aspects to the discussion. Sonja will start the discussion with a focus on the citizens’ role in the European data market. Karen will introduce a Danish perspective at how governments and the public sector may attempt to expand their use of personal data.

Max. 42 Participants