Kids Space
16:15 - 17:15
Teens & Kids
Let’s make Drawbots from Junk!

Short thesis

You know them, you love them. Drawbots are those quirky little robots that drive around aimlessly humming and drawing lovely pictures. They are easy to make, always fun and on the way building them, you can learn something about most basic electric circuits, motion and robotics. This is how we understand “making“: Share knowledge with others, create things together, hack them, change them, make them your own and in the end – share again! Be it for the fun of the activity or to solve a problem. Everyone involved can learn how to take action and just do things. Fixing and making stuff fosters the spirit of empowerment and change. We want to experience that spirit with you. You can do it, so do not be afraid!


The main material needed to build the robots can be sourced from junk. Throw in some markers, tape and decoration materials and your robot is ready to draw. At the end of the workshop we will let our creations draw together.

An easy and affordable activity for all ages. Up to 15 people can participate.
We will be using basic hand tools like wire cutters, soldering irons, hot glue, and duct tape.

Come and learn how to build your own robot, which you can take home.