Xtra - rp18 side events
10:00 - 20:00
Installation: Cloudy with a chance of HateSpeech

Short thesis

An experimental IoT (Internet of Things) CloudLamp tied to NLP (Natural Language Processing) sentiment analysis of near real-time stream of random tweets. Interactive audience participation by tweeting a specific hashtag #gig18 or #defyHateNow.



The abstract concept of the data cloud made physical and interactive through light and colour. The cloudLamp contains a series of programmable lights that individually take on one of 6 colours: White, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, and Yellow.

White representing lightning like in a storm-cloud and the other 5 mapped to these emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Happiness (As used in the 2015 Pixar film "Inside out").

Each LED light contained within the cloud represents one tweet from the Twitter Sample Realtime Tweets API. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, each tweet is coloured as one of the 5 emotions and flows through the CloudLamp. The nature of the fluffy cloud diffuses the individual LED lights within such that the cloud glows at an average hue that visually represents the emotional state of the twitter stream of consciousness. The rate of change of the hue representing the incredibly dynamic and fleeting nature of emotion, globally expressed online via twitter. 

When the random sample contains hate speech and is detected as such by the cloudLamp, the entire cloud flashes white and dark as would in a storm-cloud. However when an observer tweets using the #gig18 or #defyHateNow the cloud turns a rapidly animated rainbow for a few seconds before returning to the Twitter stream of consciousness.

Every little moment counts.