17:15 - 17:45
Tech for Good
Hecktivism: How does digital networking translate into political organization on the ground?

Short thesis

Many online movements have emerged over the course of the last decade. Except for Podemos in Spain and the Pirate Party in Iceland none of them were able to survive past a phase of initial mobilization. But does that mean that online organizing simply does not translate into permanent political success and subsequent societal change? The election campaigns of Dean Howard, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders and their reliance on online methods speak another language - and so does the online campaign of Donald Trump. How could these lessons be transferred to Europe? And what role does face-to-face interaction still play, if any?


Volt organizes political campaigns across the European continent. Join us for a discussion on how online outreach can be translated into real impact for our societies; debunk the shiny successes of Cambridge Analytica; discuss with us, what real innovation in political campaigning would look like and how it can be fruitful for the independent citizen.