Meet Up 1
13:45 - 14:45
Tech for Good
Global Networks for Sustainable Local Manufacturing: Join the MakerNet Alliance

Short thesis

Meet up with innovators in the maker, Tech4Dev and networked local manufacturing movement, and connect with the MakerNet Alliance, a network of organizations and individuals leading Industry 4.0 and sustainable manufacturing initiatives around the world.


Digital technologies have transformed how we produce and distribute information. Today, they’re revolutionizing the way we produce and distribute things. A digitally-enabled alternative to 20th-century mass production is emerging. A future of sustainable, globally networked local manufacturing is coming. A future where innovative useful products can be designed locally and shared globally. Where things are made by entrepreneurs living in the communities that use them, tailored to their unique needs and using locally available materials.

Come meet with maker and Industry 4.0 innovators in this session with the MakerNet Alliance, a global network of people and organizations building the knowledge, infrastructure, and policies to enable makers and networked local manufacturing worldwide. We empower communities around the world to make the things they need, when and where they need them, in a way that creates jobs and protects our planet. Many people and organizations are out there doing amazing things in this space -- the MNA facilitates connections and partnerships to help all of us expand our work, and serves as a multiplier and advocate for digitally-enabled, sustainable manufacture worldwide. Join us!