Stage 5
11:45 - 12:15
We Can Work It Out
The Future of Work: Will Robots and Automation Destroy or Save Us?

Short thesis

Experts who equate robotics and automation with the destruction of jobs often overlook one important detail: With the world’s population expected to increase to almost 10 billion by 2050 we will need more buildings, infrastructure and products to support more people. We will explore the role of AI/automation, in helping us design and make MORE things, make them BETTER, and with LESS negative impact.



Will we automate ourselves out of our jobs and into widespread unemployment?  Or will we leverage the power of automation and digital technology to design us into a better future for billions of people?  This talk will explore the role of robots, automation, AI and machine learning in not only transforming how we work but also, and perhaps more importantly, what we humans are now able to work on and do in our jobs.  

With technology as our partner and co-creator, we are now poised to tackle systemic global challenges and create a brighter future for billions of people. And we need more people designing and making than ever before, not fewer. But we humans can’t do it alone.  We need machines as creative partners so that we can leverage the best of both to express our values, imagination and our humanity to design us into the future.