15:00 - 15:30
Emerging Technologies as a Chance & the Importance of the Human Factor

Short thesis

When it comes to emerging technologies we often fall back in our old bad habits: Ideas and services are created with tech at the core. Where are people in this equation? How can we create trust for AI, IoT and co?
This talk will describe different emerging technologies that improve people's lives. It will also show what to consider, if you want to solve problems with the means of new technologies.


In our rapidly changing world, new technologies emerge faster than humans can adapt to them. We are living in a world in which we are in a constant “Newbie” state. We are learning and integrating digital services in our lives. Trying to keep up to with the latest developments, we download, install and update continuously. Not knowing about the complex processes that are running in the background, we develop fears of the unknown: Can these services be trusted? What parts of my data are collected? What are they using my data for? Is it secure?

Taking it even a step further we worry that robots and AI will take over our jobs or the world. We want to experience the advantages associated with emerging technologies, while being concerned at the same time.

A human-centered approach helps when creating new services and products. It does not only incorporate people’s needs and desires, but also actively addresses their rational and irrational fears. Understanding and addressing issues proactively in the creation process helps us to develop services with humans at the core. Empathy and curiosity let us tap into the love-hate-relationship with emerging technologies.  

Drawing from my experiences in developing digital services for world-renowned clients in industries such as automotive, FMCG, energy and retail, I will introduce guiding questions and tools which help us to create a future people are not afraid of but looking forward to.

This talk is not a case study. It is an inspiration to rethink our current approaches.