Meet Up 1
17:30 - 18:30
Doctor, Doctor, Where is my Digital Diagnosis?

Short thesis

People go to different doctors for different ailments. Each visit results in new health data, which if combined and cross-referenced would help health researchers to spot patterns in symptoms in order to better improve diagnostic criteria. This requires new approaches to processing, storing and visualizing personal data as well as careful ethical considerations. Machine learning and our health – how do we go forward without missing opportunities, while keeping our personal integrity intact?

We want to discuss these questions with you. Your ideas will contribute to cutting edge systems medicine research.


We’ll discuss how anonymised health data, including genomic information, is currently collected in Germany and other European countries, and how it is or could be used by companies and academic researchers to understand patterns of symptoms and diagnostic criteria of diseases. Together, we’ll brainstorm ideas for finding solutions to issues of using patient data sets. We will focus on the practical and technical challenges of utilising the data effectively (visualising large amounts of data, processing data, sorting and analysing data) and the ethical and legal issues of using digital health data in Germany. The discussions and any solutions would be used in further research development at Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) as well as feed into the EU H2020 funded Open Science ORION project currently running at the MDC. The Meet-up is organised by Emma Harris and Luiza Bengtsson from the MDC and the ORION project, in collaboration with Uwe Ohler, a Systems Biologist at Humboldt University and the MDC.