Makerspace indoor
12:30 - 13:30
DIY Personal Mini Cloud

Short thesis

A sound-sensitive glowing personal mini cloud on a string. Re-purpose and re-use to create your very own.


A playful and colourful little workshop that gets people to make their own personal cloud on a string. The workshop makes two versions, one that is a glowing mini-cloud and another that reacts to ambient sounds like snapping, clapping and music beats. 

The workshop is designed to be inclusive, using simple everyday items that you might already have at home, combined with LED’s and button cells to make something quirky and new. The sound-reactive version is a clever little hack that repurposes a mass-produced product instead of programmable electronics. This approach cuts costs dramatically and initiates a conversation about reuse and repurpose in stead of recycle.

Requires use of hot-glue guns and some fine-motor control skills, Kids can make with parents.

Possibly co-branded in partnership with who have outreach in the form of stickers that say “There is no cloud, just other people’s computers”. (TBD)

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