Makerspace indoor
15:00 - 16:00
Teens & Kids
Creative technology workshop - Explore movement and make the future!

Short thesis

Unleash your imagination, perhaps build a creature?

Explore different ways of creating movement collaboratively or individually.
Experiment and choose the motornand methods that you fancy.

Basic materials will be provided. Build your own ideas.

Create technology for the future. Your ideas matter. You make a difference.
Everyoneis super welcome, especially if you have no previous experience.


Nina is passionate about helping others believe that their ideas can change our future. She has empowered hundreds of teachers and students of all ages (7-99 years old) from around the world through workshops, experiments, study visits and presentations.

In her experience everyone is interested in technology and movement - that's why she wants us all to play with motors and use our hands to build real-life creatures, vehicles or whatever we want with the only purpose being to see what happens. discover that luckily things rarely turn out the way we expect them too. A lot of the time something else happens. Many inventions are the result of the unexpected.

Participants do not need to be fluent in English, we use gestures and any other means of communication to explain our ideas.

All children from 7-99 years old are welcome.
Parents are welcome to participate on their own without assisting their children. 
Let’s all be makers!

Cost of materials:  EUR 6 per person